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The Computer Den, 178 Fluvanna Ave, Jamestown, NY

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Some testimonials from previous customers:

Networking Asssistance
"Dear Rich,
Thank you for the quick service last week from Tiny. Our wireless system was installed ands is now 'traveling' through airports! It is wonderful to know that help is just a phone call away."

Computer Repair

Clean Sweep
"Hi, Boy am I pleased with my computer since you did the clean sweeping and going over it. I swear it works just as quick as it once did way back in 1998 when it was new. I sure am glad I decided to bring it over to you for the work. The monitor you sold me is so much better than the old one just the difference in the size of the screen alone makes it much better to read and at my age--that is a big plus as the old even gave me headaches trying to read the small print this one is a pleasure. I could actually go make a pot of coffee waiting for the computer to come on before. Now, it is on and ready to go. Thanks."

Clean Sweep
"I Cannot believe how well my computer works since you fixed it. It is better than when it was new. Thank You"

"Got the computer up and running. Everything seems to be fine and my daughter's music is OK on the DVD's that you did for me. Thanks...and I guess it's OK to go ahead and get rid of all that stuff of mine you had on your computer."

"Hi Rich,
I installed the plextor PX-716SA in the Pentium 4 computer with the Intel motherboard D865PERLK, which was on the Plextor 'compatible list', and was able to burn a DVD Disc successfully finally. I will be installing the IDE DVD Combo Drive in the AMD/ASUS Computer next to see if it works. [By] the way, didn't see my "testimonial" on your website!"

Clean Sweep
"Thanks for the professional job that you did with my computer. I can actually use it without wanting to throw it out the window. E-mails are a breeze now that I don't have to wait 30 minutes to [send] them out. Thanks again! If I should have another problem I certainly will call."

Clean Sweep
Wanted to let you know that so far the computer is working good. We did have a couple blue screens and error messages, but those occured when we were using as a home page. I changed our home page to Goolge and haven't had a problem since.(?)
We will recommend your shop any chance we get!"

Clean Sweep
"Just wanted to send you an email to let you know we got the computer hooked up along with the internet networking stuff and it all works great! Thanks very much for all your help. We are very pleased."

Clean Sweep
Our computer is up and running. Thanks very much. We're very happy."
Patty & Dolores

Clean Sweep
"Hi Rich!!! Guess what????? I am loving my computer now. It's performing exactly the way I wanted it to!! And I wanted you to know that my entire ordeal is October 6, 2006 tore in March i October 6, 2006 ned money the way I did. So you see, It really IS your fault.

Anyhow, thank you again for all the extra work you put in trying to figure out what was wrong. I know you could have charged me a lot more, and I really appreciate that you didn't..."

Printer Problem
"Thank you so much!!! Got rid of usb and used your cable and it works great! 10 minutes up and running. Thanks, owe you one. Or how about a free oil change?"
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